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Blessed Are the Feminists

Nov 29, 2020

We talk with New Zealand couple Ariel Chuang and Siân Evans about their very different faith journeys, why even talking about going to church is stressful, their hopes for their future son, and the inherent feminism of breaking down barriers as a queer Asian woman in a sexist, racist, homophobic career field.


Nov 15, 2020

We talk with minister and disability activist Corrie Hermans-Webster about practical ways to make church more accessible, what COVID has taught us about inclusive communities, and why consent is about more than asking for permission.

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Nov 1, 2020

We talk with poet, fanfiction author, and aspiring lawyer Elizabeth Reames about how fanfiction is like Scripture, the power of angry, queer poetry, and the moment that cracked her faith in half.

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